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DC ComicsThe DC: World of Heroes RPG was originally founded in 2005 by batnkevlar as a counterpart to the popular Marvel: Heroes vs Villains RPG. Like its Marvel counterpart, the DC RPG took some time to really develop, starting on rather shaky grounds in the first season. Characters were handled with relative carelessness and one-sentence posts reigned. With the start of the DC RPG's second season, the game would really take off, as a new emphasis was placed on in-character playing and cohesive storytelling.

Naturally, the second season of the RPG still had a myriad of flaws and kinks that needed to be worked out. The game would, at times, take 'unrealistic' turns, and killing NPC's was a recurring event. Nonetheless, with the second season, a basis was founded for how the RPG would further progress. With an accent on grander stories, the following seasons have at times, been dominated by these arcs, which involve almost every player.

The first season to properly implement such a seasonal arc, and most ambitiously so, was the third season. With the custom created threat of the Unity (created by Spike_x1) influencing multiple heroes and villains, the third season set the benchmark for planned story-arcs. With plots derived from the still relatively improvised first two seasons, the story of the Unity was unique and epic, involving characters from the past, present and future.

A year after the birth of the DC RPG, it was already time for the fourth season of the game. In contrast to the hectic nature of the RPG's second and third seasons, the fourth season was generally more laid back, although numerous players sought to develop arcs that would similarly capture everyone's attention. Some of these plans have been abandoned, some have been executed, and others are still being planned to this day. Nonetheless, the fourth season was home to several important events to the continuity of the RPG, such as the return of Black Canary and the death of Superman.

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