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Currently played by Master Bruce
The Joker - The only man who finds humor in murder.
Ultimate Joker, like his mainstream counterpart, is the archnemesis and prime antagonist of this universe's incarnation of Batman. Like The Joker of the DC Universe, Ultimate Joker is a mass murderer and anarchist, often acting without provocation or logic. His past is shrouded in mystery, but upon the character's earliest memory, of which he is physically scarred, he reinvents himself as an outlandish criminal inspired by clowns and harlequin archetypes. Unlike his predecessor, however, this version of The Joker has been demonstrated to be struggling with a severe schizophrenia, often changing moods, appearance, and speaking styles in order to remain unpredictable, and all the more terrifying to the reader. While introduced as an almost quieted street urchin looking to seek vengeance on those who wronged him, he has evolved from a homicidal madman to a carefully crafted criminal mastermind, committing a series of gruesome murders and fiendish schemes for the sake of 'his art'. While he has clashed with Batman only a few times, his impact has been clearly made on The Dark Knight, who seemed almost restless in bringing this madman to justice - A fact of which puts a smile on The Joker's face.

Season 1.0 - played by MaskedManJRK, SuperFerret

Season 2.0 - played by Master Bruce

After having faced The Batman for the first time, the killer known as The Joker decided it was time to get serious about his art. While the massacre at the Gotham High School Prom had been considerably entertaining, The Joker didn't waste time in re-inventing his image. Getting rid of the clown makeup, but keeping the flair, The Joker once again donned his ceramic clown mask and went on a spree of murders that would leave The Gotham City PD baffled. Targeting random businessmen and people of high wealth, The Joker put together a cunning plan to rid Gotham of all high society in order to make him the most high class citizen in the city. But as he was collecting the necessary tools to utilize this plot, he was upstaged by the vigilantes known as The Creeper and The Atom. After an intense battle, the Clown Prince had no choice but to flee, and temporarily abandon his plans.

But no more than a week later, the spree was in full swing once more, as The Joker bombed the Gotham University campus after killing one of their professors, live, infront of a bound and gagged class of helpless victims. It seemed that no one was willing to rise to the occasion of stopping him. Soon, The Joker realized that he needed an opponent to match wits with in order to make the game fun again. Infiltrating the Gotham Museum of Natural History and murdering the watchman, while posed as the assistant watchman, The Joker rallied up his goons to paint the walls with subliminal 'HA's', in order to send a discreet message. While Batman tried to decipher it's meaning, The Joker went on yet another spree in the face of the OMAC invasion. Thinking the world was doomed, the manic killer wanted to beat the aliens to the punch, and decided to off random street goers. But after a song and dance in the midst of shooting down innocent bystanders, The Clown Prince was approached by a fellow fugitive of the law: Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face. Enticing The Joker with an offer his twisted mind couldn't refuse, the two set out to recruit fellow rogues in the process.
The Clown Prince Of Crime, during his standoff with the GCPD on the night of the Robinson Park Massacre.
As the plan came together with the inclusion of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, The Joker surprised everyone when, unexpectedly, he turned up in Robinson Park in the cloak of night and began gunning down anyone who crossed it's path. After minutes of killings, The Joker found himself face-to-face with The Gotham PD, and began an attack against them that would prove the killer's cunning and brutality once and for all. After slaughtering random officers, The Joker headed into the woods, gauging the officers to follow. As some did, they found a young girl, dead at the scene with a large grin on her face and a bomb strapped to her hip. Before the cops could run, it exploded, killing countless victims of the squad, and upping The Joker's body count to a new high. It wasn't long, however, until The Joker was finally in the midst of The Batman once again, who had arrived on the scene after the killer had threatened to kill James Gordon. As The Joker fled into the woods, leaving Batman and the police to go after him separately, Gordon was confronted by a corrupt officer named Merkel. Even as Merkel threatened to kill the Captain, The Joker turned back up, and in a bizarre twist, saved Gordon's life by butchering Merkel with a switchblade. Batman eventually caught up with him, and beat him down, prompting his apprehension by the disgusted Gordon and the end to his startling massacre.

Taken to Gotham Central, The Joker could not be unmasked, nor identified through prints, continuing to irk his captors. Put in a cell for questioning, The Joker played mindgames with any officer who would talk to him, including Gordon himself, who stormed out of the room shortly after The Joker had conversed with him. Left in his holding cell until he could be transferred to Arkham, the killer didn't finish rattling the GCPD's cages. When a gang member was brought in and placed in a separate cell, The Joker murdered him with a shard of glass that had been hidden under his mask, provoking a struggle with him and the officers that found the corpse, mid-murder. Placed in a straightjacket, Commisioner Loeb ordered that he be placed in a separate cell by himself - a fact of which happened, but not before The Joker could manage to secretly steal a cuff-key from one of the officers manhandling him. With a manic laugh, the clown was finally left to rot, and to wait - because unknown to the officers of Gotham Central, this was all part of the plan.

Season 3.0 - played by Master Bruce

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